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PEACHES & CREAM -Sprinks Gel Color

PEACHES & CREAM -Sprinks Gel Color

$ 6.59

  • Sprinks PEACHES & CREAM Gel Colour (15ml)**

  • Sprinks now brightens your baking with their stunning new range of beautiful gel colours.  

  • Australian made gel colour in convenient dropper bottles.   

  • 26 colours available.

  • Easy to use in fondant, buttercreams batters, macarons, meringues and more. 

    •  Super strength colour
    •  Easy to use and replicate recipes with the convenient dropper 
    •  Mix with other colours to create an entire rainbow
    •  Mix with the Sprinks Paint Base to make a perfect edible paint
    •  Mix with Sprinks Oil Base to easily colour chocolate and other oil based baking products.
    •  Allergen Free
  • 15ml quality glass bottle.