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Sweet Stamp: ARABIC SET Letters And Numbers

Sweet Stamp: ARABIC SET Letters And Numbers

$ 39.99 

SweetStamp is now introducing the Arabic Set.

This set contains the perfect assortment of Arabic letters to create your own custom messages on your Fondant (sugarpaste), buttercream and ganache.

Simply emboss and paint!™️

SweetStamp is a patent pending and registered product which gives you the option of creating your own custom messages by aligning your letters to create whatever the required word may be.

"Launching this Arabic set has been a project which has taken a few months and I have been learnt so much about this beautiful language and alphabet. I love the the style of this Calligraphy, it is very versatile and Elegant "- Amy 

You can choose to align the letters directly into freshly rolled Fondant and emboss with your smoother, this method works well for flat projects.

For applying SweetStamp to the side of the cake we recommend the application pad, which is not necessary but makes the process easier.

After embossed you have a few options, you can paint with your edible paints, we recommend Sweetsticks brand, you can leave as is for a subtle finish, fill your emboss with sprinkles, glitter or sugar. The possibilities are endless.

The set contains all the lettering in a flat storage tray, this tray allows you to quickly find your required letter to save time and keep them safe. To remove the letters from the tray roll a ball of fondant until tacky and use this to pull the letter out.

 This set contains letters and numbers.