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"COSMIC GIRL LUXURY" Pixie Dust Sprinkles

"COSMIC GIRL LUXURY" Pixie Dust Sprinkles

$ 5.50 

This is our luxury sprinkles collections. 

Available in 1 size: 


Our sprinkle bottles are clear PET plastic

Some metallic dragees, sugar beads/sugar pearls can be hard, please consume with caution. 

Our sprinkles contain metallics which are either silver, gold, multicolored or all combined. They are sugar coated dragees in the shape of hearts, squares, rods and beads in a non-toxic silver, gold, metallic purple, blue, pink or green food color. These colors are approved for use/eating in other territories such as Canada and Europe, but have not yet been assess by the USA FDA. And this is why they are labeled *THIS PRODUCT IS FOR DECORATIVE USE ONLY. 

*Contains Soy and Milk.