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"PLANT POT FLOWER SET" Lissie Lou Cutter & Embosser

"PLANT POT FLOWER SET" Lissie Lou Cutter & Embosser

$ 42.59

This Plant Pot Flower Set Cookie Cutter and Embosser can be used to create beautiful and repeatable messages for your cookies as well as matching shaped cookies.

Simply press the Embosser into your icing to produce a lovely embossed effect. The Embosser is made from clear acrylic so you can easily see the impression area ensuring the best result every time. Then press the Cookie Cutter into your icing and/or cookie dough to create a matching shaped cookie to your Embosser. Alternatively, use the cutter to make your cookie dough shape and then decorate using Royal or Glazed Icing.

Each flower is approx. 50mm tall
Leaves on stork: 25mm high x 78mm wide
Leaf 1: 17mm high x 41mm wide
Leaf 2: 22mm high x 22mm wide
Plant Pot: 90mm high x 105mm wide

Each flower is approx. 55mm tall
Leaves on stork: 30mm high x 83mm wide
Leaf 1: 22mm high x 46mm wide
Leaf 2: 27mm high x 27mm wide
Plant Pot: 95mm high x 110mm wide

The Embosser is made from high quality, food certified acrylic which leaves stunning crisp lines in icing. The Cookie Cutter is made from high quality, food certified PLA. These are reusable; after use, wash with a sponge in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Do not use any abrasive materials to clean it and do not put it in the dishwasher. We also recommend that you leave to air dry and do not rub with a cloth. Store your Cutter and Embosser flat and in a cool, dry place. LissieLou Cookie Cutters and Embossers are designed and produced to order in the UK. 

Please be aware that the shade of the pink may vary for this Cookie Cutter.