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ROUND Multi Circle Cutter

ROUND Multi Circle Cutter

$ 14.99 

Multi cutters are designed with the professional cookie maker in mind, they are designed to save you time and use less energy than using a single cutter.

The cutter has been made with strengthening ribs on the inside to stop the cutter from flexing as you push down to keep the shape perfect. As well as being great to cut with every edge on the handle side has been rounded so it's comfortable to push down on all day long.

We have also put a lot of thought in to the triangle design and added 3 lips in the middle to make it easy to grip and pull the cutter out of the dough with one hand if needed.

The cutting wall is 16mm long with a sharp yet strong end on each of the cutting edges.

(6x46mm design is only 12mm wall height as it's designed for fondant covered Oreos)

Last of all we have added 3x heart holes to help displace the left over dough that may stay stuck in the cutter so you can pop it out with the end of a brush or a tool similar to keep cutting away quickly.

Unlike metal cutters these won't lose their perfect shape. 

This product has meticulously printed for clear and sharp cutting every time.