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MINI Round Multi Cutter For Chocolate Covered Oreos

MINI Round Multi Cutter For Chocolate Covered Oreos

$ 14.59

Designed to match perfectly to our Mini Debossers this 4x 46mm round multi cutter will line up perfectly and cut 4 toppers quickly and effortlessly to speed up your time not only cutting out toppers but also if you want to make mini cookies! 


Unlike metal cutters these won't lose their perfect shape. Our cutters all have a tapered edge for sharp cutting unlike many 3d printed cutters on the market. 

Orders from Australia will be made and manufactured locally from PLA which is a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources including cornstarch, sugar cane, tapioca roots or even potato starch.

Hand wash only, keep below 50 degrees/c (122 degrees/f)/ *DO NOT wash in dishwasher.

*All designs are Copyright protected and can not be copied. Designs have either been designed by Custom Cookie Cutters or commercial licenses have been purchased from the original designer.