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About Us

Welcome to Lavender’s Bake Shop!

Owned and operated by Kathy Olaniel, the story behind Lavender’s Bake Shop is one of love and passion for all things baking. A stay-at-home-mother of four lovely children, Kathy was determined to develop an idea that would allow her to work while still being able to spend quality time with her children. The choice for her was an obvious one – baking!

From simply brewing a cup of coffee to cooking and preparing a three-course meal, the kitchen has always been a source of inspiration for her. But the cornerstone of her joy is, of course, dessert! She vividly remembers having always baked cookies, cakes, cupcakes and so many other sweet confections for her whole family. It was a clear calling. And as soon as cake pops came into her view, she answered the call! Kathy’s passion for the art and intricacies inside the kitchen led her to create a unique shop that focuses on the creation of magnificent desserts that are literally works of art.
With the support of her husband, Kathy set out to create desserts for all of us to enjoy! His support has been unwavering, and her children are always thrilled to try the delicate sweets she fashions within the kitchen. Right away, she began her baking endeavor. She took on the challenge of creating cake pops with such a meticulous attention to detail that friend and family we awed. And that’s saying nothing of the taste! An airy, perfectly moist cake interior all covered with artistic perfection. Chocolate covered Oreos were another hit.

And now, Kathy finds herself treading onward! Lavender’s Bake Shop offers all her sweet creations and uniquely offers a place where we dessert-lovers can purchase baking supplies to create our own goodies!

Feel free to contact directly if there is anything you’re interested in.
And many thanks for visiting Lavender’s Bake Shop!