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FLASH SILVER - Faye Cahill Lustre

FLASH SILVER - Faye Cahill Lustre

$ 12.59

New 100% Edible Lustre Dust by Faye Cahill Cake Design!

Create your own stunning designs using this new range of Edible Lustre.

Paint, Spray or Dust your creations with ease.

Faye leads Australian Cake Decorating with her elegant and iconic wedding cake designs.
These designs are renowned for featuring unique Pearl or Metallic effects achieved by her signature blend of Lustre Dusts.

- Dust in dry form or mix with Decorators Alcohol to use as a paint or highlighter.
- Further dilute with Decorators Alcohol to spray through your airbrush.

Size 10ml or 20ml
Weight varies per colour.

Made in Australia from local & imported ingredients.